An arm with a heart bandageARUP Blood Services is a division of ARUP Laboratories and welcomes employees to donate whole blood or platelets. An employee can donate whole blood every 56 days and platelets every two weeks. We host regular blood drives on the ARUP campus at various hours and try to maximize A- and B-week schedules.

Employee Paid Time Off

Employees will receive two hours of paid time off (PTO) for a whole blood donation and four hours of PTO for a platelet donation. The employee must be the donor. Once accrued in Kronos, hourly, 7/7, and part-time employees can request PTO in increments. Salaried employees must use it in full-day increments. PRN employees are not eligible.

Blood donation PTO cannot be cashed out. The maximum PTO that can be awarded for donations is 24 hours per calendar year. Salaried employees who want to accrue PTO must donate outside of their regularly scheduled hours (e.g., on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, or in the evenings).

Donating on the clock requires supervisor approval. On-the-clock donations are not eligible for PTO. PTO hours appear in Kronos the month following the donation.

Employee Milestone Program

Our employee milestone program rewards employees who strive to reach the maximum number of donations each year.

Employees should fill out the Employee Milestone form during each donation appointment to help us keep track of their donations. The milestone rewards are given as each milestone is achieved.

Whole Blood Donations

Whole blood donors are eligible to donate every 56 days, which is about six times per year. The rewards for whole blood donors are listed below.

Total Whole Blood Donations in 2024Reward
4New T-shirt
6$50 Amazon gift card

Platelet Donations

Platelet donors are eligible to donate every 10–14 days, which is about 22 times per year. The rewards for platelet donors are listed below.

Total Platelet Donations in 2024Reward
10New T-shirt
15Stadium blanket
18$50 Amazon gift card
22$100 Amazon gift card