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ARUP Employee Donors - Starting July 1, 2021, ARUP employees can earn PTO for donating blood and platelets (if donating off the clock). Click here for rules and information.

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ARUP Blood Services Mask Policy

We are encouraged by rising vaccination rates and declining daily COVID-19 case counts in Utah. However, the risk of spreading COVID-19 remains a significant concern, and one of the best ways to continually protect one another is by wearing masks. Regardless of changing state, county, or city guidelines, all ARUP donors, workforce members, vendors, and visitors will be required to continue wearing approved face masks (well-secured paper or cloth masks that cover the mouth and nose) when entering ARUP facilities and blood drives.

As infection risks decline and vaccination rates climb, we will reevaluate this mask policy and adjust it as appropriate. However, even postpandemic, we will still encourage mask wearing by individuals at increased risk and by those who suspect they may have had recent exposures to any respiratory infection.

If you feel unable to comply with our mask policy, please consider rescheduling your appointment for a later date.

If you have any questions, please call 801-584-5272.

For Platelet Donors

To adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and as a courtesy to others, you must wear masks at all times, except for brief periods while you are eating, drinking, or taking calcium tablets. Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted, even when eating or drinking. Masks need to be worn between bites and sips.



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When you donate through ARUP Blood Services, you are helping save the lives of patients in Utah.

ARUP is the sole blood provider for University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Shriners Hospital for Children, and South Jordan Health Center.


A Statement from ARUP Blood Services

The impact of COVID-19 as flu season approaches could further compound the challenges of maintaining a readily available blood supply for patients in need of life-saving treatments this fall and winter.

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ARUP Blood Services' partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints saves lives during COVID-19.

Partnerships with the American Red Cross and ARUP Blood Services of Utah and others have saved tens of thousands of lives

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ARUP Blood Services Relies on High School Students More Than Ever to Help Save Lives

Perhaps more than ever before, ARUP Blood Services is relying on high school students to help save lives through blood donations, as its usual donor sources have diminished.

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Stocking AirMed Helicopters with ARUP-Donated Blood Helps Save Lives

When one of the University of Utah’s (U of U’s) AirMed helicopters take off on an emergency call, there is now a small cooler onboard containing their latest means of saving lives — blood.

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Donor and Recipient Stories

Blood donations help change lives. Read about some of the lives we've helped change through our donation program. Or share your own story about donating or receiving blood.

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Where Does Your Blood Go?

Find out what happens to your blood after donating and the many life-saving medical treatments that require blood donations.

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